So I planned to shut down this blog for good, even made all the back ups I needed to preserve my memories and guess what?

I could not pull the plug on my own writing outlet.

An outlet I have been ignoring because I cared to much what people would say or think. A struggle I still live with, but getting better at turning it over to God. Plus WordPress now has some new cool features I am enjoying. Like a completely white screen minus the sidebar distractions to write your post.

So this blog is my writing outlet. I don’t care about SEO. I don’t care about gaining links. I really don’t care who reads, but I am honored and humbled if you stop by to read.

I miss writing. Maybe one day my grandchildren will be able to read what life was like growing up the only female in an all male household. It is crazy, hard, loud and fulfilling. Sometimes we see God evident in our lives and other times we can’t see Him at all.

Two boys in college and one left in high school.

Manly man and I are beginning to wonder what life will be like in two years when they are all in college.

Life plans to be made.
Empty nest.

No matter where God is leading, it will all look different.

Change is hard. Change is exciting. Change can be painful.

And maybe shutting down during this season of life is not the best idea. Who knows how often I will stop by, but I like the idea of this blank white page available to me any time to write down all God is doing.

By Antoine Beauvillain

Four Leaf Clover


Several years ago I got the running bug.  This is not to say I run all the time, but since a certain milestone birthday I have taken up running as a great source of stress relief, exercise and weight loss. Before this St. Patrick’s Day it had been exactly a year since I ran my last 5K.  So I asked (begged) my boys to join me on a 5K race which included an Irish dinner afterwards.  I ran a little to train leading up to the 5K, but that usually equated to walking my dog in a fast pace daily.

St. Patrick’s Day was a very rainy day here in small town Florida and I was worried it was going to be cancelled. We went back and forth whether we were going to run or not and I was getting bummed.  We drove over all ready to race and sat in our cars until 30 mins before the start.  The rain did slow down, but my biggest fear was that it would pour down on us half way through.  I decided to run in my rain jacket to protect my phone (which is my source of running music).

Joining me I had:

Mr. “I ran cross country in high school, so I should be good” (he is in his second year of college)

Mr. “I am probably going to walk because my ankles hurt”

Mr. “I play a lot of basketball so I am good.”

Oh to be young again and not have to train.  There was a great crowd and many people dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day.  My favorite thing to see are families that run together with their young kids.  Of course my motivation is not to let one of the little kids or woman pushing a baby stroller pass me. ha.

It was not an easy race, but I had a lot fun and I came within .09 seconds of my goal. I.WILL.TAKE.IT.  I was so proud of myself and excited.

Mr. “I am probably going to walk because my ankles hurt” (black jacket in the picture) beat us all and had a great time.  (I think that was his ploy all along).  My other two sons did a great job also, especially for not training.

5K race 2014

Sometimes you have a day that fills your inner joy to the brim. It was a fun event and great memories with my three boys, joining us was my favorite girlfriend and her husband; and we had a great time.

Oh and want to know why it is good to train? Guess who woke up very, very sore? Yep my three boys. I ached a little bit but by the second day I was read to run again. THAT is where the benefit of training comes in, the recovery period.

It was a great St. Patrick’s Day and one I will always look back on with great memories.