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There are many things I am good at. Goofy golf is not one of them. My dad is a great golfer, my father in-law and mother-in-law are great golfers, my husband can hold his own, and my 12 year is a great golfer.

Me, not so much.

So when hubby and I took our son goofy golfing for his 12th birthday I knew this was going to be funny. The last time I went goofy golfing was when someone took me on a date in high school, so my “not so stellar” goofy golf skills were a little rusty.

I had to laugh because by the third hole my husband made up a rule that you get six tries to get it into the hole, if you do not succeed in six puts…..MOVE ON. I wonder who that rule was aimed at? 😉

But we had a blast. We strapped in three boys and took off to FUN TOWN. How can you not have a blast when the place is called FUN TOWN?

I think we failed our kids to respect their elders, because in this picture below they are acting like old men. I said, “Well if you are old at 12 what does that make me?” All three chimed in and said, “REALLY OLD.” I threatened no cake and ice cream for them but caved when they allowed me to win a hole.

Here is my son hitting his first putt. My youngest is use to playing REAL golf, this may have been his second time ever playing goofy golf. But I soon found out, he approached both games the same way–with serious concentration and an attitude of I am Going to Kick Your Behind.

Such serious goofy golfers:

Oh I am soooooo sorry honey did the ball not roll the right way? Pooooor Babbby.

That is ok, I know you can make it from here honey.

And this is how he celebrated. It is good to see he is so humble and does not gloat.
Side Note: Before walking out the door I said, “What the heck are you wearing?” He said, “Mom it matches, they are both black.” And I replied, “You are wearing ALL BLACK in almost 100 degree weather in FLORIDA!!” He did what any normal just-turned-12-year old would do…shrug his shoulders and ran to the car.

After a fun game of goofy golf and Mom having about 20 Million points we went inside to play a few of the arcade games. Anyone who knows my kids, know that if there is a basketball within a mile radius they will go to that first. This picture proves my point.

Also if anyone who knows my husband knows if there is a basketball within a mile radius he will steal said ball from child and begin shooting himself. Basketballs are just part of my life, I think it must have been somewhere in my wedding vows or something. I don’t know I was to busy looking at my husband’s dimples and probably agreed to “Love, Honor, Obey, and Live With Tons of Basketballs until death do us part.” Who knows, that day was all a blur.

All in all it was a great day, with great memories. Please don’t grow to fast baby.

crazy_hereA rambling post that may make no sense at all… can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Have you ever had a week where if it is not one thing it is another. I have a child who wants to make a sports team really, really bad. And as a mother I want him to make the team really, really bad because I know how much it means to him. But sometimes that is not how things work out and we as parents have repeatedly told him this is not the most important thing in life.

Of course it did not help him that I cried when I shared about trying out for cheerleading and it came down to just me and one other girl. I went in and did my best, nailed the routine, was proud how I did, and they picked the other girl. I think each of us has times during our high school years where we want something so bad and it just does not work out. BUT…we don’t know if he has made the team or not (well he made the first cut). On Wednesday we got the indication that he was going to be cut last night, so we as parents were sad and trying to encourage our son telling him how proud we are that he tried hard. Well the coaches delayed the cuts, so we wait.

I know it is suppose to be an emotional roller coaster for my son, but it is a BIG rollercoaster for me. The coach did go up to my son last night and said, “Son I need you to get better, you need to try harder.” Of course you are left with “well what does that mean??” But I told my son I took that as an encouragement because if he already crossed you off the list he would not bother saying anything.

So we wait.

Then I wake up one morning this week with a $300 dollar phone bill. WHAT THE HECK! I hate confrontation, especially with business’ that are not known to listen to reason. During the last month we added my new phone and changed the plan for my old phone, giving that phone to one of my sons. We received a notice of “high data” usage so when I tired to call or access our account on the computer they said “we can not help you until the bill comes out. Everything is in transition right now.” Then I finally receive the bill and WHAM. Ug.

I prayed the whole way while driving my son to school, my husband said “Lori you are going to need to be firm with the company or they won’t do a thing for us.” Like I said, I HATE confrontation, I wilt like a wet noodle. God smiled on me and gave me a lady who was having a good day so far. What happened is “data usage” is NOT part of my son’s phone plan but he had some of his friends “blue tooth” songs to him. Well one of the charges (JUST ONE) was for $92.00 OH MY WORD. Of course when I confronted my son, he was freaked out. He did not do it on purpose. Well I have now officially blocked that on his phone and the At&t lady, ERASED THE ALL OF THE DATA USAGE CHARGES. Oh my sweet word I never wanted to kiss a phone agent before but this came close. I told her she made my day and she said, “Hey it is Christmas.” OH THANK YOU JESUS. Seriously I was planning on having a huge crying session if I had to pay that bill.

God Blessed.

Then (by the way each paragraph is a different son) I have one son that needed some medicine. We have tried and tried and tried to get this child (HE IS IN 6TH GRADE) to swallow a pill. For the life of him, he can not get it down. How hard can it be, my goodness. Well it is not happening. This morning he tired and tired and tired again and I walked into the kitchen to find him throwing the pill into the trash, kicking the trashing can while screaming at it. Yeah, we are mature in our household. Ha! YiYiYi…

It is the little things that frustrate us the most.

I can not tell you how happy I am it is Friday. We do have basketball games beginning for my youngest and my husband has volunteered to be the Freshman coach for the High School team, so he has his first game. This will be the first time he is coaching a team with none of his kids on it.  My two youngest lost their championship soccer games but both were great games.

All of the above is small compared to some of life’s problems, I realize that.  Thank you for allow me to have a bit of “writing therapy.”  How has your week been and are you doing any thing fun this weekend!!

I had, had one of those days at work. I stayed up way to late and was running low in the patience department. I sat in my car waiting in the school pick-up line to gather my youngest and head home. I would like to say, head home to relax, but any mother knows that is not the truth. When my husband walks in, he places his feet up, talks with the boys and relaxes. When I arrive home, I gather the mail, unload the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, look in the freezer for dinner, and then begin to fold the laundry I washed the day before.

My son did not indicate anything was wrong during the ride home, so when he handed me this sheet of paper that he wrote saying “Dear Mommy” I was surprised. Then I said, “Honey talk to Mom, don’t write me a note, what is wrong?”

With crocodile tears he said, “I pushed a boy today.” Ok, I am ashamed to admit that my first thought was “is that all.” Mind you I had an older son who made sure I knew every counselor and Principal on first name basis.

I said, “Ok, what happened?”

He proceeded to tell me he and a friend were pushing each other while standing in line at school (in fun). The teacher got upset and made them sit out during recess. “What did you learn from this experience?” I asked him.   With bottom lip quivering he said, “I should have just gone to the back of the line, it was not worth getting in trouble for.” I told him I loved him very much and we talked about what decision he should make the next time this situation arrives. I shared that God (or Mom or Dad) does not expect him to be perfect, but to learn from his mistakes. When we mess up we need to ask our self, what should I have done and what can I do different.

I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him, while secretly thanking God this did not involve a counselor or Principal. J

My son gathered up his stuff and ran outside to shoot hoops and I was left standing there wondering if I take my own advice?

Thank you Lord for reminding me through my son that you don’t expect perfection, just growth.