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He is the ever loving outdoors man

Who has a great sense of humor

But one who works hard when needed

And does not give up….

He is a good older brother


Sixteen years ago today he gave me the title Mom.  I love you honey, Happy Birthday.

My youngest son came bouncing out of school, threw his back pack in the back seat and stated “I have a new assignment!”

Me: Oh really what is it?

Son: We have to do a biography on someone.

Me: Wow that might be interesting. Son digging in his backpack to read me the assignment.

Son: Ok we have to talk about their birth, education…… (he read off the sheet of instructions)

Me: Ok so who do you think you want to do your assignment on?

Son: Well teacher said we have to do it on someone already dead and I said “Cool, I will do it on Michael Jordan!”

Me (laughing): Honey, Michael Jordan is not dead.

Son: Yes Mom Michael Jordan is dead, he was the greatest basketball player ever, but that was a long time ago.

Me: No honey.

Son: MOOOOOOMMMM I bet you $100 Michael Jordan is dead. Mom he would be ssooooo old if he was alive.

So I grab my handy phone and called the expert.


Me on the phone: Hi honey, your son here bet me $100 that Michael Jordan is dead. Could you please help settle this bet.

I hear hubby on the phone with our son asking him, “Son how old do you think Michael Jordan is?”

Son: I don’t know Dad but REALLY, REALLY old, plus he is dead.

Well my husband proceeded to tell him Michael Jordan is alive and well. And he is at the ripe OLD AGE of 47.

Son was shocked.

And this Mom was left feeling every wrinkle of her almost 40 years.

Or maybe there is when you middle son makes a huge hit and drives the ball over the end zone, to make the game winning touchdown!!!  (bear with this bragging Mother!) This leaves Grandma and Mom in tears on the sideline!

Football is officially over (yeah, there was much rejoicing) but I have to say it was a great year for all three of my boys.

Getting Ready

You don’t want to get in #12’s way!
Getting the Tackle

He was all concentration and made a good captain this year.
Middle Son

He was the team’s kicker and second string quarterback . Here is Middle Son (#12) making the points after (in pop warner they are worth two points instead of one).

MIddle Son Field Goal

My oldest son was an animal on the field. These two guys could not stop #80!

Oldest Son being Tackled

Here he is again, sneaking around the guys. Go #80!
Going for a tackle

The face of victory never looked any better.

Youngest was practicing his Heisman pose.
Striking a Pose

But once he is in the game, it is all seriousness.
Deep in Thought

It only seemed fitting that we had to sit in the rain during the last football game, since during the first game of the season we sat in pouring rain.
Football in Rain

It was a good season. Youngest son got his first interception, middle son scored his first touchdown, and my oldest just plain hit hard and kept the opponents on their behind. Great work boys.