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The theme this week is nostalgia and the Guest Photographer Judge is Jose Villa!

I could write a long post about my grandparents, but this picture reminds me of the years we traveled to spend Christmas time with family. What I remember most was that Christmas rotated around family. Sure we received presents and went to bed Christmas Eve night with great anticipation, but to this day I could not tell you a single item I received.

What I do remember is watching my grandmother in the kitchen cooking and me sitting at her kitchen table talking to her while she was busy. Grandma never stood still for a minute, but I never felt that she did not have time for me. She talked with me, asked about my life, my dreams, and she retold stories of my Mom and Aunts and Uncles. If I close my eyes I can almost smell Christmas in my Grandmother’s house. She was (besides my own parents) my first spiritual mentor. I greatly miss her daily. So many times I tell God to tell Grandma what I am doing, I can not wait to see her in heaven.


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This week’s theme is sports in action. My middle child here is playing football in the rain. And below is my fat, sassy cat who thinks we are his lowly subjects whose job it is to keep a healthy supply of cat food and belly rubs coming his way.

This weeks judge of the week is Rog Ellsworth, stop by and say hi.

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