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Elizabeth Stone once said, “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

I have often reflected on that comment as my boys are growing and becoming their own individual. One mother said to me recently, “I feel so unprepared for this journey of parenthood” and I have to agree, even though my boys are almost all college age, I still don’t feel prepared. And Mom has often told me it is when they move out that you worry the most and pray the hardest.Boy

When your heart is yours you can protect it or make the necessary precautions to protect it, but when your heart is walking around outside your body you lose the control to protect it and sometimes it shatters into pieces. What do you do then?

I am good at giving advice when asked, I am good at pointing others to God when they are struggling, but when it is me who is hurting that advice is hard to follow.

Often times as a parent you come before God raw, broken and with tears falling down your face telling him you don’t even know how to pray. You don’t know how to fight. And this life is taking everything out of you. It is then you come to the end of a rope, tie a knot and hold on.

It is at this time I list what I know to be true, despite what I feel:

1. God is faithful
2. God loves my children even more than I do.
3. God hears my prayers
4. God loves me and cares about my problems.
5. God is sovereign.
6. God heals.
7. God provides.
9. God is in the details.
10. God will give you wisdom.

These are some FACTS that I know. I may not have the warm, fuzzy God feeling surrounding me right now, I may feel there are others who do this parenting job better than me, yet He still chose me to raise these three boys. I also need to release what others may think about me or my decisions and do the best I can.

Some days that is all I can offer God…”doing the best that I can.”  He takes that weak ability and adds His transforming power to change lives.

I bank my boys lives on His transforming power.

His Plans


You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round

(Dead or Alive)

I could say those words about sum up my last month.  I have always said, as soon as you even think about patting yourself on the back, God will smack you in the back of your head.  I don’t ‘think’ I thought about patting myself on the back but I sure have felt that humbling experience lately.  Also I have entered in a situation where I am beginning to feel I am exactly where I want to be, but then opportunities keep arising leaving me wondering if God is going to move me.  This leaves me unsettled, and personally I don’t care to be unsettled.

Therefore this leaves me totally trusting in God.

Trusting God in the middle of many unknowns.

What I have found though is that even in the middle of the unknowns and the parts that scare me, there are also little blessings along the way.  God gently reminding me he is here and in control.  It could be something as simple as a kind word, or watching a child act out in kindness, or a simple conversation; God is like the whisper in the wind comforting and encouraging.

How about you?  Can you relate to the quote above?  If so how do you handle when things all seem to be spinning you around?