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That wonderful contraption is what my middle son had implanted in his mouth on Monday. Poor guy is having to only eat REALLY soft foods for the next week and he is feeling the painful affects of this appliance. The things we go through to have decent looking teeth, huh? Poor baby. I fear today (Tuesday) will be worse for him as he learns to adjust. This contraption will be with him for the next year. I told him to look on the bright side, he will be done by the time he enters high school (he is now in 7th).

Today was one of those days where I asked the Lord, “Are you sure I have what it takes to be a mother of all boys?” I am at the stage where emotions go up and down as quick as the weather. Even they don’t know what to do with all the testosterone they have going on. One minute everyone is happily playing in the living room, the next moment fist fights break out in a heartbeat. And no we don’t allow fist fights, but it is kind of like outlawing guns and having your two year still say “pow-pow” with their fork. It is inevitable.

I have tried to proclaim that since I am the only female here, I am the only one allowed to have fluctuating emotions. I guess they did not listen. I do enjoy watching them sometimes, boys are definitely their own breed. I was at the grocery store a few nights ago and turned around to see my youngest son trying to “weigh” his arm muscle in one of the veggie scales.

Even on days like Monday where I begin to doubt if I have the stuff “boy mom’s” are made of, they still make me smile. Like right now, my oldest asked his brother if his mouth hurt and middle son nodded. Oldest son said, “Cool, wanna throw the football?” The mother in me wants to say “Watch out for his mouth!” But I know this is how they are there for each other.

On two unrelated notes:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!! (um yeah, that card..its in the mail =)

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Or maybe there is when you middle son makes a huge hit and drives the ball over the end zone, to make the game winning touchdown!!!  (bear with this bragging Mother!) This leaves Grandma and Mom in tears on the sideline!

Football is officially over (yeah, there was much rejoicing) but I have to say it was a great year for all three of my boys.

Getting Ready

You don’t want to get in #12’s way!
Getting the Tackle

He was all concentration and made a good captain this year.
Middle Son

He was the team’s kicker and second string quarterback . Here is Middle Son (#12) making the points after (in pop warner they are worth two points instead of one).

MIddle Son Field Goal

My oldest son was an animal on the field. These two guys could not stop #80!

Oldest Son being Tackled

Here he is again, sneaking around the guys. Go #80!
Going for a tackle

The face of victory never looked any better.

Youngest was practicing his Heisman pose.
Striking a Pose

But once he is in the game, it is all seriousness.
Deep in Thought

It only seemed fitting that we had to sit in the rain during the last football game, since during the first game of the season we sat in pouring rain.
Football in Rain

It was a good season. Youngest son got his first interception, middle son scored his first touchdown, and my oldest just plain hit hard and kept the opponents on their behind. Great work boys.

cownt6 I saw this cartoon today and laughed out loud. I think I feel like the cow lately. We finished regular season football, but for some reason they love to add on “extra” games. I should not complain this next weekend there is NO football. But during the week because we have three kids on three teams and they seem to want to practice on different days, therefore leaving us taking at least one child to practice each day of the week. Please tell me I will miss this when they are gone….please?

I can not believe October is almost over.  This YEAR is almost over.  Where has the time gone?  (oh yeah, on football fields, ha!) These holidays are gone to be simple in my household.  Since hubby is off the week of Thanksgiving, I thought what a great time to have surgery.  Yes, I know regular readers you are beginning to think surgery is a regular occurrence here.  But this is suppose to be the surgery to end all surgeries (and all monthies, if you get my drift). And Christmas, is going to be a “simple” Christmas, I think it might be just my family for the first time in forever.  And you know what, I am really excited about that fact.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE family, but I am in count down mode.  Since my oldest is a freshman I feel like I have three more years to make good family memories, yes I know the kids come back but it will not be the same having them here 24/7.

I want to give you a heads up to check my interview on CWO beginning November 1st. I originally planned to take the rest of the year off and concentrate on just reviews (mainly because I have read so many good books I want to tell you about), that is until I read this author’s book.  She caught me hook, line and sinker and I had to interview her.  Therefore expect December’s list of good books to be a bit longer =)

I have officially cast my vote via early voting, but I think I am with everyone else I can not wait until this election is over.  I have OD’ed on election news.  Just be sure to VOTE, kay?

I have rambled enough, and you are a sweet friend for listening!!  Have a great day!