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That wonderful contraption is what my middle son had implanted in his mouth on Monday. Poor guy is having to only eat REALLY soft foods for the next week and he is feeling the painful affects of this appliance. The things we go through to have decent looking teeth, huh? Poor baby. I fear today (Tuesday) will be worse for him as he learns to adjust. This contraption will be with him for the next year. I told him to look on the bright side, he will be done by the time he enters high school (he is now in 7th).

Today was one of those days where I asked the Lord, “Are you sure I have what it takes to be a mother of all boys?” I am at the stage where emotions go up and down as quick as the weather. Even they don’t know what to do with all the testosterone they have going on. One minute everyone is happily playing in the living room, the next moment fist fights break out in a heartbeat. And no we don’t allow fist fights, but it is kind of like outlawing guns and having your two year still say “pow-pow” with their fork. It is inevitable.

I have tried to proclaim that since I am the only female here, I am the only one allowed to have fluctuating emotions. I guess they did not listen. I do enjoy watching them sometimes, boys are definitely their own breed. I was at the grocery store a few nights ago and turned around to see my youngest son trying to “weigh” his arm muscle in one of the veggie scales.

Even on days like Monday where I begin to doubt if I have the stuff “boy mom’s” are made of, they still make me smile. Like right now, my oldest asked his brother if his mouth hurt and middle son nodded. Oldest son said, “Cool, wanna throw the football?” The mother in me wants to say “Watch out for his mouth!” But I know this is how they are there for each other.

On two unrelated notes:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!! (um yeah, that card..its in the mail =)

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