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hanging on

“Sometimes God allows us to reach a point where we realize we can rely on absolutely nothing—except His love.”  – Beth Moore, Whispers of Hope

There is a famous saying, when you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.  Am I the only one who has lived through a season where it seems all you are doing is hanging on?  Raising three teenage boys often feels like you are swinging from one rope to the next, hanging on.

The one thing I was never told when I became a parent was that all the experiences you experience while growing up—heartbreaks, fights, hurt feelings, insecurities and disappointments— you go through the same experiences again with each child, except they feel like emotions on steroids.  You want to protect, impart wisdom, or love the hurt away but they are their experiences to learn from and live through.  You only can pray, share wisdom from the bible, and watch God use that experience to develop character through the consequences of their decisions.

I fight daily the battle of comparison.

The enemy likes to tell me that I am failing as a mother and all the other children are honor roll, perfect, full scholarship, polite young kids.  As a Mom you second guess every decision you made while they were growing up, knowing you made some mistakes along the way.  You prayed daily that the Lord would raise your kids well despite of you and your husband’s parenting.

Mom says I will look back one day and be proud of who they have become, like she and Dad do now.  I believe that, but this in-between stage is scary.  When your adult teenagers are making life decisions it is not easy. I want to take the quip “just have faith God is in control” and shove it.  I know God is in control, but when you have panic attacks or your imagination runs wild it does not help.  It is during that time when you have nothing to rely on except His love that you realize that God never fails you.

When I spoke to a MOPS group several years ago, I told the young mothers more often than not, the trials we experience as mothers was more about God teaching US than it was about training our child.  The same goes for teenagers, except they are emotions on steroids.

God is teaching us to trust, while as a mother of teenagers we know the consequences are greater; God is teaching us to hang on to Him when life swirls, when all you want to do is crawl in bed and pull the covers up. God is teaching us that we need to beat down the pride we feel (with His power) when we begin to compare ourselves to other Moms.

When you feel like walking away from everything, including your faith, God reminds you the only thing you absolutely can rely on in this life is His love for you and for your children.  “The Spirit of God searches her heart, gathers her pain, and lifts it to the Father of all comfort.” (Beth Moore)

The human side of me can think of a handful of people I would like to send this to, but I know Christ is in control and I leave it in His hands.


As I said:


Have a great Friday! Is there anything I can pray for you?


Do you ever become nervous when everything is running smoothly?  I do!

It is like waiting for the next shoe to drop. Sadly, I guess that makes me a pessimist similar to Eeyore.

I am working on becoming more optimistic.  But lately things have NOT been running smoothly so I find encouragement with the picture above.  It is easy to get off track and easy to not be aware you are off track, that is why God allows certain trials to come our way.  It is like the sifting of the wheat, God is removing what is not needed.

If you are falling apart, welcome to the club. You are not alone.

The good news is when you are falling apart, pieces are moving.  Moving to something better, refined, and worthy of God to use.  There is nothing stagnate about “falling apart.”  What matters most is that you keep moving forward towards Jesus Christ.

Plus just like Eeyore says, hurry and swim to the shore before you are stuck there.  God is our rescue.

When stuck in the river, it is best to dive and swim to the bank yourself before someone drops a large stone on your chest in an attempt to hoosh you there.
Eeyore’s Gloomy Little Instruction Book