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Laced With Grace

I was recently watching a House episode on television where a woman’s leg was trapped under a large concrete slab from a building that had collapsed.  Dr. Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) had to crawl in a hole to reach this woman and proceeded to tend to her wounds, but more importantly he kept her company during this unbelievable difficult time.  The lady’s leg was trapped and it did not seem they were going to be able to free the leg, amputation was the only solution.  There was nothing she could do to change the past, the slab was already pinning her down; but before Dr. House amputated her leg she asked him, “How much will it hurt?”  (read the rest over here)

I am a runner.

Heaven’s no not an actual runner —that would involve to much effort on my part—but a runner from problems.

If there is a conflict or if I am at odds with someone, it is similar to my ability to parallel park.  I will walk that extra mile away to avoid parallel parking.  If we have a disagreement and you ask me my opinion I will tell you, I am honest.  But you will have to find me first, I will be walking that extra mile away to avoid confrontation.

God is teaching me.

God in his infinite wisdom had me marry a man who confronts problems head on.   Unfortunately early on in our marriage my husband would have to work his way through all the closed doors first to find me hiding under my covers trying to look like I am fast asleep. =)  I joke (a little).  He would not let me hide until everything has been resolved.

I am not sure when I began to run from problems?  I will have to ask my Mom that.  I think it has to do with feelings of guilt and my desire to not hurt anyone’s feelings.  I  was blessed with a pit-bull of a sister while growing up, I always admired how she stood up to others.  I would be in the background cheering her on saying “Yeah, what she said!.” That is unless she was mad at me, then I would just slam the bedroom door closed. Ha!

God is teaching me.

Lately things in my personal life have been piling up.  I have not been in “conflict” with another, but stressed about not standing up for myself in certain situations, scared of where God may be leading, scared I will make wrong a decision due to my failure to stand up for myself.  It has blown me away how much, like Joshua, God continues to remind me to be strong and courageous.  HE IS IN CONTROL.   It just so happens during these trials in my life God has me studying Joshua (coincidence? I don’t believe in them).

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Deut 31:8 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

It just so happens on one of my darkest days awhile ago, two people out of the blue emailed me or texted me and said for some reason God has me praying for you today.  I was humbled knowing it was God telling me that through them, He was in control and loves me. (coincidence? I don’t believe in them)

Even in a book I recently read the whole theme was STAY. When life becomes hard, STAY.  When you are a runner by nature, STAY.

Be Strong and Courageous.

For many Christians this is not a struggle they deal with, others of us STAYING (standing firm) is a a conscious decision we have to make daily.  When troubles arise we make the firm decision to STAY.

I have been a Christian most of my life and even today I am humbled how God patiently deals with my lack of faith, knowing he has everything in control.  Knowing he will not guide me somewhere where “he has not gone before me.”

I can never out run God, he finds me when I walk that extra mile in the opposite direction, he finds me behind closed doors, and he says:


If you are a runner like me I am here to tell you no matter what, God is faithful.  Time and time again he shows me he will never leave, he will never forsake, and he will never lead me into a situation where he has not gone before me.

I think this is a post I needed to type out more for myself than anything, but I pray it will encourage at least one person who is a runner by nature also.

One of my favorite stories in the bible is how Aaron came to help Moses during Moses’ time of insecurity and doubt. The Lord was sending Moses to rescue the Israelites, but Moses did not feel up to the task. Instead of allowing Aaron to complete the task by himself, God allowed Aaron to help Moses for a season.  (Click here to read the rest)